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Find tutoring services by course number

NOTE: if the program field next to a course is blank, it means that tutoring is not being offered for the course, this semester. On occasions, however, tutoring may be arranged for a specific course, if you reach out to the units that offer tutoring. To learn which programs typically offer tutoring services for a particular course, please see Tutoring by Subject.

Course and Program - Summer 2023 Heading link

BIOS 110Math & Science Learning Center
BIOS 220Math & Science Learning Center
CHEM 122Math & Science Learning Center
CHEM 123Math & Science Learning Center
CHEM 124Math & Science Learning Center
CHEM 125Math & Science Learning Center
CHEM 232Math & Science Learning Center
CHEM 233Math & Science Learning Center
CHEM 234Math & Science Learning Center
ENGL 070 - Summer Enrichment Writing Workshop (SEWW)The Writing Center
ENGL 071 - Summer Enrichment Writing Workshop (SEWW)The Writing Center
ENGL 200Tutorium in Intensive English (fee applies)
ENGL 160The Writing Center
ENGL 161The Writing Center
English as a Second LanguageTutorium in Intensive English (fee applies)
SPAN 102Language and Culture Learning Center
SPAN 103Language and Culture Learning Center
SPAN 104Language and Culture Learning Center
PHYS 131Math & Science Learning Center
PHYS 132Math & Science Learning Center
PHYS 141Math & Science Learning Center
WritingThe Writing Center
Any Writing:
Research, personal statements, lab reports memos, class assignments, applications, or whatever you have.
Any stage:
Bring a draft or no writing at all and we'll help you get started.